PT Supraco Lines, engaged in ship supply and operation for oil and gas production activities

Established in early 2008 based on Deed of Establishment no. 1 dated March 3, 2008 made by Notary Efran Yuniarto, SH, and ratifed by the Minister of Law and Human Rights through Decree Letter no. AHU-12885.AH.01.01.Year 2008 dated March 14, 2008 and has been published in the State Gazette no. 7057 dated March 15, 2013 Supplement No. 22/2013, engaged in ship supply and operation for oil and gas production activities. PT Supraco Lines obtained SIUPAL (Sea Transport Company License) for the first time in 2008 with assets owned only 2 units of Vessel for dredging operations as the main focus of its business activities in shallow sea waters during that time. In line with the increasing opportunities available, in 2011 PT Supraco Lines acquired Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) “Maleo Producer” operated in Madura Strait.

Currently PT Supraco Lines owns assets among others Hopper Barge, Tug Boat, Sea Truck, Crane Barge and Lifting Crane and involve into projects in Samarinda, Balikpapan and Madura Strait.

Composition of BOD and BOC :

Sofwan Farisyi

President Director

Soeharto Nurcahyono


Amira Ganis

President Commissioner

Lili Cholilah


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