PT Supraco Indonesia Is One Of The Pioneering Companies Of The Radiant Group

PT Supraco Indonesia was established in late of 1979 and is one of the pioneering companies of the Radiant Group of business which started its business activities in the manpower supply only. This company was established based on Deed of Establishment no. 26 Dated November 29, 1979 made by Notary Warda Sungkar Alurmei, SH, and obtained approval from the Minister of Justice through Decree Letter no. Y.A / 5/265/3 dated July 29, 1980 and has been published in State Gazette no. 735 dated August 9, 1983 Supplement No. 63/1983.

In the decade of 1980s PT Supraco Indonesia expands by entering oil and gas industry and starting to conduct business activities by providing operations and maintenance support services and gradually expanding by providing warehouse management and camp services. In 2002 the company became a Subsidiary of the Company and keeps continuing the development of its activities in the line of business of offshore oil and gas production among others logistics services, shore base services, maintenance and technical support services.

Composition and Profile of BOD and BOC :

Ramzi Siddiq Amier

President Director

Soeharto Nurcahyono


Misyal Abdullah Bahwal

President Commissioner

Zaki Maulana


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