Company Affiliation

PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

PT SORIK MARAPI GEOTHERMAL Or SMGP is a joint venture company established by OTP Geothermal Power Ltd, currently owned by KS ORKA Group, and PT Supraco Indonesia in connection with the issuance of geothermal concession license in Sorik Marapi region, Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatra Province in 2010, for development and operation of geothermal power plant.

The Company was established under Deed of Establishment no. 64 May 25, 2010 made by Robert Purba, SH, and has been approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights through his Decree Letter no. AHU-29973.AH.01.01. Year 2010 dated June 11, 2010. Further, company has obtained a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with PT PLN (Persero) for geothermal power plant development of 3×80 MW capacities, executed in 2014.

As a local partner PT Supraco Indonesia involved in EPC works to achieve the SMGP’s target of 45 MW First Commercial Operation Date (COD) which obtained on October 2019 for supplying electricity among others to Panyabungan area. Information regarding this company has been previously disclosed on the other part of this Annual Report./p>