Company Overview

Your Most Valuable Partner Beyond Energy

Starting from an Inspection Department of one of the pioneering companies of the Radiant Group’s businesses with specialization in the field of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) back to the 1970s, Radiant Group began its business activities in Indonesia amidst the booming oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities . Slowly but surely, this Department then managed to develop its expertise in nearly all lines of Inspection services. Finally, in mid 1984 it turned into an independent company under the name PT. Radiant Utama Interinsco. The Company was officially established on August 22, 1984 pursuant to its Articles of Association No. 41 drawn up before Notary Hadi Moentoro, SH and obtained formal approval of the Minister of Justice through Decree Letter No. C2-574.HT.01.01.HT.85 dated 11 February 1985 and were promulgated in the State Gazette No. 860 dated 18 June 1985 Supplementary No. 49 of 1985.

In the course of its development, the Company remain focusing on Inspection services, as well as capable to develop business its activities to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment, manpower service and operations & maintenance as well as other operational support services for the oil and gas industry.

As the Company business keep expanding, in 2002 the Company took over PT. Supraco Indonesia, as a subsidiary company under the Radiant Group business group established in 1979. It engages in offshore oil and gas offshore support services including logistics services, shore base, maintenance and technical support services. Furthermore, in 2008 PT. Supraco Lines was established as part of the business development strategies focused on offshore production facility operations, ship operations and operations for shallow marine oil exploitation activities.

In the same year, PT. Supraco Daya Wisesa (formerly known as Supraco Deep Water) was established in order to capture the business opportunity of providing offshore production support and Rig Specialist for offshore facilities outside Indonesia.

In its 36th year of operations, the Company has marked its presence in the services sector supporting the oil and gas industry in Indonesia relying on its Human Resources in Jakarta, and 10 Branch Offices & Representative Offices with work operations covering almost all parts of Indonesia.