The Company and its Subsidiaries remain committed to carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility and  always perform an active role. The Company always prioritizes the safety and health of employees and the community in the Company’s operational areas. The Company and its Subsidiaries consciously implement Corporate Social Responsibility in the social and environmental fields not only because of the regulations that require it, but also as a way for the Company to recognize and be responsible for its activities that affect the community, its employees (workplace and environment) where the Company and Subsidiary carries out its business activities.

The CSR activities covering social, religious, health, education and environmental aspects.


As the Company takes its employees from  the area in which we operate, thus we are closer to the community  and know where the most economic and social problems lie. Our CSR program  tries to  cover as many as people affected by our business activities directly  as well as indirectly.


Our people  are  lifeblood asset of  the Company, our program relies on improving well being and quality of living of our people.


Natural environment is the responsibility of everyone  including corporations, the Company believes there are  plenty  of  ways   to encourage and influences every employees to be more environmental friendly while doing their jobs and activities at the workplace.

Starting   with  the simplest thing  to help the environment is to lessen  the use of   energy and  reduce  pollutant materials at the  workplace.


As new and renewable energy has become a more significant part of the energy marketplace then it is crucial for the business operators to educate society   about new and renewable energy   information that changes the way of thinking about energy, sustainability, and resilience.

The Company realizes a well-informed society about new and renewable energy is a tangible benefits sector not only for the growth of this industry but also for encouraging    to change their behavior to   implement energy saving and conduct green living    in all of living aspects.

Communities and stakeholders   in particular young generation are showing growing needs for new and renewable energy information and education therefore   Company is  actively involve   numerous   lecturing   and sharing knowledge events     as a part of the process to develop visions, builds capacity and empower people to make changes within their societies.