Corporate Secretary

In accordance with regulation No.35/POJK.04/2014 regarding Corporate Secretary, RUIS’ Corporate Secretary has major role to facilitate the communication between the Company’s organs, as well as responsible to compose policies, planning and ensure effectiveness and transparency in corporate communication, institutional and  investor   by maintaining standard principles of corporate governance, and corporate values. Besides, Corporate Secretary is required to ensure corporate conformity on laws and regulations in capital market.

The existence of Corporate Secretary function established since    the registration of as a public  listed company in 2006 and directly responsible to the President Director. Currently the Company’s Corporate Secretary is Mona Nazaruddin based on the Decree of the Board of Directors Number 116 / SK / RUI / VIII / 2016.

The Corporate Secretary’s responsibilities include:

  1. Monitoring the Company’s compliance with the Company Law and other statutory provisions, the Articles of Association, Financial Services Authority and capital market rules and related statutory regulations, in close coordination with the Company’s Corporate Legal Division;
  2. Improving good relation and maintaining communications regularly with the capital market regulatory agencies, including the Financial Services Authority and IDX, on all matters pertaining to governance, corporate actions and material transactions;
  3. To assist the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners in the implementation of corporate governance covering:
    • Information on transparency to the community, including information availability on Company’s website;
    • Submission report to the capital market authority in timely manner;
    • Holding and documentation of GMS;
    • Holding and documentation of Meeting of Board of Directors, the Meeting of Board of Commissioners, Joint Meeting, and Meeting of Committee;
  4. Ensuring that both Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors are promptly informed of any relevant regulatory changes and that they understand their implications.
  5. To maintain the confidentiality of confidential document, data and information except for fulfilling obligation according to the law and regulation or as determined otherwise in such law and regulation.
  6. To determine criteria on type and material of information that can be submitted to the stakeholder;
  7. To increase the good relation of the Company and community through the social responsibility program;/li>
  8. To prepare periodical report at least by annually on implementation of function of Corporate Secretary to the Board of Directors and with carbon copy to the Board of Commissioners

Corporate Secretary Profile


  • Corporate Secretary

    Mona Nazaruddin

    Indonesian citizen, 48 years, domiciled in Jakarta, a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta in 1996 and Master’s degree in Notarial Law from University of Indonesia in 1999. Joined   Radiant Group in 2000 as Legal Staff and continues to serve her legal expertise for various companies within Radiant Group by  holding  positions among others as Legal Manager in 2002, GM Corporate Legal in 2008 and VP Corporate Legal & Corporate Secretary in 2016, having competency in corporate law, capital market regulations, business financing and investment, further since 2020 registered as Certified Legal Auditor. Prior to  joining the Company, worked as Legal Officer in Group of Media and Television Companies during 1997-2000.